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Get personal offer to start your own business right now
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Quick payback of investments (up to 2 years)
Overwhelming set of tools to start and run
Royalty – 4% of the fact revenue (no fixed or additional payments)
Continuous free personnel training and development
Wide range of experience and competence
High-end technologies
Why clients choose us?
· Full openness, honesty and client-centric model
· All types of real estate and the most complex transactions
· We provide one-stop shop for our clients: real estate brokerage, law and mortgage services, rent
· The client pays only for the result
· Full financial and legal protection
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Why join us?
10 000+
World Real Estate companies
Franchise partners worldwide
Employees in Europe
Bln USD real estate transactions
Bln USD mortgage transactions
Partnerships with developers and banks
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Our philosophy and global mission
For almost 20 years we have been helping people to find their home. Every day we improve business processes, compile best practices, create products that protect our customers.

Today we are not just an ordinary Real Estate Agency. We are a modern international IT-company with cutting edge business processes digitalization and CRM that increases our sales efficiency by up to 40% in comparison with the market. We create, improve and use neural networks and artificial intelligence, 3D modelling, the latest BI analytical systems and backup cloud data centers, mobile apps for employees and customers.

Ildar Khusainov, Founder and CEO
Are you connected with real estate development projects?
We work with more than 1000 developers in Russia and Europe, but just as a mediator between a customer and a developer. Our partners allow our clients to buy property with significant discounts or within special terms.
Which types of services do you provide?
We work with all real estate transactions: residential and commercial property brokerage, legal services, mortgage, rent. We also provide special services such as moving, repairs, interior design, insurance, tax consulting, etc.
When do I return my investments with your franchise?
Average payback period is up to 2 years. We provide you with a personal manager that will support you and help you shorten this period.
I know nothing about the Real Estate market. How can I succeed without any expertise?
Only 17% of our franchise partners were Real Estate agencies when decided to join our franchising network. And according to our experience there is no correlation between Real Estate background and business success. We believe that success comes with commitment, hard work and high level of involvement.
    "Alone we can do so little together we can do so much."
    – Helen Keller
    Change the Real Estate market with us!
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