Receive up to 5000 EUR for a referral!

How to make money if your friend decided to launch their own business?

Give us a contact and receive up to 5 000 EUR for a signed contract
The referral program of the "Etagi" franchise is a unique opportunity to earn money by recommending a candidate for our franchise
Requirements and royalties
City population
Total amount
of royalties
Amount of royalties
for a concluded contract
Amount of royalties after the franchisee
fulfills the sales plan for 6 months
100 000 - 200 000

200 001 - 500 000

500 001 - 900 000

from 900 000 people
2500 EUR

3000 EUR

4000 EUR

5000 EUR
1250 EUR

1500 EUR

2000 EUR

2500 EUR
1250 EUR

1500 EUR

2000 EUR

2500 EUR
How does it work?
You inform us that you have a potential candidate for a franchise
We contact the candidate and conduct an interview to discuss the requirements and opportunities for collaboration
We confirm that the candidate's data is being processed
If all stages of the interview are successfully completed, you will receive a recommendation reward from us! All agreements are regulated by a formal offer
What do our franchisees get?
CRM, website, BI. We have automated all processes so that our franchisees can focus on business development
Assistance in building a strong team at the start, recruitment and adaption at the development stage. Free training for new franchisees and their employees
HR ecosystem
In our network, franchisees can influence the strategic development of the entire company
Executive board
Advanced digital and classic marketing that will help you make a statement right from the start and become №1 in your city
Powerful marketing
Our franchisees get 100% access to all the expertise accumulated by the main office. They get a mentor and training opportunities from all major departments
Support from 13 departments
Each franchisee is assigned a personal launching and accompanying managers — top-level business consultants
Personal managers
Training and courses for all employees — from a salesperson to a top manager and director
Training portal
3 months of free support at each stage. More than 100 prescripted business processes for an effective launch
Start-up manager
Don't feel like writing an e-mail? You can fill out a form on the website in a couple of minutes!
Franchise Manager
Have any questions?
Valeria Kuzmina
+7 927 161 1995
Application form
Your city
All the arrangements are fixed by terms and conditions
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